Lemna (Lemnace), commonly known as duckweed, is a fast growing, tiny flowering aquatic plant that floats on surface of fresh or brackish water.  It doubles its growth in 24-hours and can yield 30+ dry tons of biomass per year/acre.  With the additional of optimal nutrients and temperatures up to 75 ton/ac are possible.  Duckweed grows from tundra to the tropics.  It is often used in wastewater treatment because of its ability to uptake nutrients and can grow in brackish salt water.  Five main families and 47 species of duckweed have been identified and analyzed for different climate zones and environments.

What is Duckweed?

Lemna Duckweed and Spriulina Algae are two of the fastest growing vegetable crops with highest yield and most nutrient dense.  Crops may be eaten dried or fresh as a whole food.  Or they can be mixed as an ingredient in animal or fish feed or in human foods such as baking goods or sports drinks.

Nutrient Dense Biomass Crops

Prosys Biorefining Systems supplies secure and sustainable feed and fuel products from its regenerative and highly efficient production facilities:   High value products being produced for sale to end users and distributors include:

  • Raw fresh duckweed (and micro-algae) crops as biomass feedstocks
  • Dried bulk or pelletized "organic" protein concentrate meal for livestock (beef/dairy cattle, hogs, poultry) and fish aquaculture
  • Protein meal for human food ingredients
  • Fuel grade bioethanol for vehicles or power
  • Food grade alcohol for beverage or pharmaceutical products

LEMNA - Duckweed

  • Duckweed has high concentration of protein at 46%-61% by weight
  • Contains 18 amino acids (lysine, leucine, methionine, glysine, cystine, aspartic acid, etc.)
  • Vitamins A and B with Fe, Mn, K, Zn, beta carotene
  • Dietary crude fiber – 6% - 16%
  • Lipids: 2% -9%

Products from Micro-Biorefinery

Comparison of Protein Sources

ALGAE – Spirulina

  • Blue-green algae has up to 60% protein and all essential amino acids
  • A 100 gram serving of spirulina supplies 290 calories
  • Contains vitamin B and E, Fe, Mn, K
  • Lipids: 8% with antioxidants: beta carotene, numerous linolenic acids
  • Spirulina yield: 12 dry tons/acre/yr 

Yield of other algae species: (nannochloropsis, chlorella) 30 to 75 ton/ac/yr.

http://www.algaeindustrymagazine.com/the-green-friendship-bridge-part-9/  July 3, 2016— Mark Edwards

Duckweed has the highest level of protein of all meat and vegetable sources as well as the highest concentration of essential amino acids.  It is also high in fiber with minimal fat content.