Management and Technical Team

Tim Biehler – President/CEO: 

Tim is a co-founder of Prosys Biorefining Systems with 38-years experience in renewable energy, efficiency, water, aerospace and automotive manufacturing sectors.  He formed several start-up companies including Microgy and Planetec.   He previously worked as a marketing director and sales manager for Minolta and Ammonix Solar  Tim graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and apprenticeship with General Motors

Kurt Ederer –  Vice President of Project Management:  

Kurt has 25 years of experience with Southern California Gas Company as a mechanical engineer.  He supervised the operations and maintenance of a vast network of pipeline distribution systems and compressor stations throughout SoCalGas’s service territory.

Ron Smith – VIce President of Product Development

Ron is a career entrepreneur with numerous startups and exits over past 45 years with major commercial and residential real estate development, water/waste water treatment, tire recycling and organic fertilizer companies.  He is currently helping to develop new markets for the duckweed products in the pet food and health food sectors.  He is also assisting in creating specialized organic fertilizer formulations to optimize the growth of the duckweed. In addition Ron is working on a new far-red drying technology that can be used to dewater the harvested duckweed crops.

About the Company

Prosys has assembled a veteran management team with decades of proven experience in clean energy, agriculture technology, water and waste management and project development.   Prosys is skilled in systems integration and process optimization with an extensive background in advanced biorefining and conventional oil refining operations and biomass crop production.

Founders, Management and Advisory Team:

•  Tim Biehler - President/CEO - Managing Partner

•  Kurt Ederer – Vice President - Project Management - Managing Partner
•  Ron Smith - VIce President - Product Development

Prosys was created for the purpose of developing, owning and operating micro-biorefineries to produce organic plant protein and biofuels.  These products are sold at a premium to feed mills, food ingredient companies and distributors of low carbon biofuels.
The management and technical team combined 4-decades of experience in energy, environmental, sustainable development, advanced biofuels and biorefining technologies and regenerative agriculture design.

The Company has has developed,  acquired and integrated a suite of proprietary technologies through license agreements and patents, solidifying its unique position in the target markets.

The unique capabilities of Prosys are strengthened through the working relationships it has a key strategic partners and technology providers identified and described below:

Management and Technical Team

Company Profile